Twelve Days of Netflix 1: Snow

Ho, ho, ho! I've decided to get into the holiday spirit here by spending the next twelve days watching and reviewing some truly special looking movies that have shown up in the holiday section of Netflix (and if you can't find them, fellow Canadians, it may be because I am accessing the US version of Netflix through So without further ado: On the first day of Christmas, Netflix sent to me: Snow, a TV movie from ABC Family starring Tom Cavanagh (Ed, Love Monkey) and Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother, Margin Call). Cavanagh plays Nick, the heir to the Big Man himself, Santa Claus, training a new reindeer to fly. Instead the reindeer is captured and taken to the zoo where Sandy (Williams) works. Using his ability to travel between the north pole and anywhere else using mirrors, Nick tries to get closer to Sandy so that he can get access to the reindeer cage and free his friend. Meanwhile, an arrogant hunter called Buck has set his sights on both the reindeer and Sandy (insert your own stuffing and mounting joke here).

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Cavanagh and Williams have good chemistry, the supporting cast is decent (most notably Canadian legend Jackie Burroughs and the foul-mouthed kid from Role Models). I could watch Ashley Williams in anything, to be honest:

*sigh* Anyway, since I've been good this year, it turns out that there is a sequel to Snow called Brain Freeze, and it is also on Netflix. God bless us, every one!