Twelve Days of Netflix 9: Santa Baby 2 - Christmas Maybe

On the ninth day of Christmas, Netflix sent to me: the sequel to a movie I've never seen, starring Jenny McCarthy (!) as the daughter of Santa Claus (!!). Mary Class (pronounced Claus) is a high-powered businesswoman in New York as the film opens; her husband Luke (Dean McDermott) is a postal worker who breeds and trains sled dogs. On the verge of closing a big deal with Colin Nottingham (Kris Holden-Reid), Mary is called home to the North Pole shortly before Christmas because her father Chris (Paul Sorvino - !!!) has decided to retire. Santa Claus has essentially abandoned his job, leaving it in the care of a production manager called Teri (Kelli Stables) who has a hidden agenda. Mary tries to run the place at first, but the elves take their cues from Teri, at one point organizing and striking for better "wages", which amounts to cookies with sprinkles on both sides instead of one. Concerned that her business deal is in jeapordy, Mary washes her hands of it and leaves Luke at the North Pole with his dogs. Meanwhile, the conniving Teri moves to not only usurp Santa's job, but to tempt Luke; which isn't hard, because he's not very bright.

In the end, of course, the status quo is restored and nepotism triumphs over Germanic efficiency. Which, I suppose, is the story of Christmas in a nutshell.